Welcome to the Clairemont Art Guild, San Diego CA

Meeting, Saturday, May 20, 2017

General Meeting, 1:00 pm.

Opened To The Public.

Clairemont Lutheran Church, 
4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. 
San Diego, CA
Parking is available in the church parking lot.

Board Meeting, 12 pm - 1 pm
All members are welcome to attend.

Guests and walk-ins welcome

Our June Luncheon will be at Boomerangs Restaurant on Friday, June 16 at 11:30AM.

We will be putting our art on the walls on TUESDAY, MAY 16TH. Yes…that soon!

Demonstrator Bob Rhodes tells us that because of the multi steps in the process, and the length of time to complete a piece, he will show each step of the way and show how those elements all come together for the final collaged frame.

From Bob: It was only after retirement that my interest in creating art began. Having been in many of the worlds major art museums, I visited them only to view, not to study. however, the brain being the absorbent sponge that it can be, must have retained a lot of what I had viewed; for in retrospect I can see some influences of my favorite artists in my own work. My art education was minimal at best, and was primarily experimental in nature; guided by the inspiration of artist Marie Wordell. Marie’s insistence was that whatever creative urge I had was to come from inner sources, not from the exterior. My excitement comes from creating a cohesive canvas of interesting textures, colors and shapes. That is why the field of non-objective abstract, is the arena that encompasses much of my art. I don’t have a deep subliminal message connected to the meaning behind my art work. My main hope is that the viewer can relate to the energy and feeling of my creations, and that each piece might stimulate some pleasurable sensation during the viewing. I have used most of the art worlds media in my creations. My favorite is acrylic, and my current attention is in the field of collage.

The following members went to Mesa College to judge the Spring Art Show: Mae Crauder-Davis, Marilyn Nelson, Charlotte Pearson and Roxy Bohrer. We issued four $50 prizes and also four honorable mentions including Chalk pastel, oil on canvas, etching, ceramic and mixed media. Quit a nice variety and originality was shown.

Photos of awards will be on display at the June luncheon.

Roxy Bohrer

Dues are due and can be paid to Mae Crauder-Davis. We have held our dues at $40, and are committed to offering a variety of experiences to our members. Barbara Bartosik provided us with a wonderful docent-led tour of the Art Museum at our April meeting. From Pre-Renaissance to Modern Art, we were shown beautiful examples of art from each era.

Send your $40 dues to: Mae Crauder-Davis, 2490 Etiwanda St., Apt C, San Diego, CA 92107. Or you can hand me your $40 check at our June Luncheon which will be on Friday, June 16 at 11:30AM. Did I mention dues are $40? CAG is no longer a non-profit corporation. What does that mean? Well, actually not too much. We are now a Small Business. Your dues are not tax deductible. Also: you cannot deduct your dollars spent for raffle…er…um…’opportunity drawing’ tickets. If you have any questions I will do my very best to answer them…Mae


The Clairemont Art Guild

Founded in 1954

The purpose of the Clairemont Art guild shall be for the advancement of creative arts in the community and for individual growth through association with the Guild.


We will encourage each artist to create his or her own work, expressing individual interpretation of the subject.


We will strive to keep our aims and integrity above question. Copy work will not be exhibited.

The CAG holds monthly meetings, presenting lectures, demonstrations and critiques. Exhibits by credentialed members are shown in libraries and other locations. There are annual judged and juried shows at which ribbons and cash awards are given.

The CAG is associated with Mesa College Art Department. Awards are presented each year to outstanding art students from Mesa College.  We also present awards to students whose work is in the Student Division of the San Diego County Fair.

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